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We aligned ourselves with an organisation we believe in. Rhea Foundation is a  foundation unlike any other NGO. 

Rhea Foundation aims to positively affect the lives of underprivileged people by finding innovative solutions to solve infrastructural problems in undeveloped countries.

About Rhea Foundation 

We believe that raising awareness goes hand in hand with taking practical action in solving these problem. Currently our Foundation has the majority of its projects in Tanzania, Africa focused on Building viable schools, Bringing Education to children that are raised in rural areas away from industrialized cities, installing and educating people on the technology of Solar Energy and building a Clean Water infrastructure for a community currently living in
draught which daily battle diseases associated with contaminated water.


“In just a few short years, Rhea Foundation has solved 3 major problems for a small Masaai community in Tanzania – education, food and water. I believe in the change Rhea Foundation creates through ACTION not TALK”

The Limoyon Community School

Problem Schooling for traditional rural African tribes is almost non-existent. The Maasai tribe is a popular African clan with a long-preserved historic culture and a proud symbol of African heritage. However, due to the modernization of urban Africa the children of the tribe currently living in the wild savanna have no access to educational opportunities. The Maasai children usually have to walk many miles through dangerous wildlife areas to reach the available schools who cannot provide them with a full education and the majority of them have no access to books, educators or electricity.

Solution In August of 2018 we completed a fully functional school for the rural Maasai community of Lomiyon. The school has 4 operating classrooms and is powered by Solar Energy. The school is the only communal premise in the community that has lighting and also functions as a convention hub for the local leaders. Student attendance of the school marked a 45% increase in the current year through a food-program that feeds the students of the school twice a day. The program is financed by a Canadian dentist and managed by a local Maasai man. The program provides an incentive to the parents of the children to send the children to school, eat 2 proper meals, get education and return back fed rather than put them to work in the fields and have to feed them in the afternoon. It’s a win-win situation for all.


The Water Project

Problem Every day in rural communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa, millions of people suffer from a lack of access to clean water. For children it’s a burden that traps them along with their families in the vicious cycle of poverty. Currently every 2 minutes a child dies from diseases associated with contaminated water. Clean water has the potential to make a tremendous difference in children’s lives. Kids need clean water to be healthy, to grow, thrive, to attend school regularly, and to fulfil their potential.

Solution In March of 2019 we conducted Hydrogeological surveys to find a proper drilling site for the Community of Lomiyon. In August of 2019 we drilled three boreholes and we were successful despite the unpredictability of the soil to find a viable water source at 492 feet (150 meters).

In the next phase we will continue drilling additional boreholes for the
community and connect them all with piping to a water tower that will be able to pump 10,000 litres of clean water per day. This will completely transform the community and advance human progress, helping families escape the devastating cycle of poverty and disease that drains vital health and economic resources from them and prevents their young children from fulfilling their potential.


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