Meet Anastasia


I’m Anastasia Gerali, a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and alignment coach for creative entrepreneurs. I have a passion and gift for empowering people to strengthen their self worth, step into their divine femininity and tune into their internal compass so that they can receive unlimited abundance from The Universe.

I am the founder and CEO of two fashion labels, Alasia Lifestyle and Neo Love, which I recently sold so that I can pursue my purpose. I know first hand the challenges female entrepreneurs face balancing life and business on a daily basis, and also the importance for women (and men) to run a business in alignment with their divine femininity in order to tap into their highest potential and live a life they love, doing what they love.

I am an eternal advocate for all things love related, especially rose quartz. I am a morning person and start every day with a morning ritual of journalling, meditation and tea.

My story

It was summer 2016, I was sleeping on a sofa which was one of the only pieces of furniture I had in my new, small apartment. A far cry from the big spacious home I had built with my beta-husband. I was almost always in my pyjamas because I didn’t have any reason to change into my clothes. My marriage had just ended, which coincided with my business failing and the only income I had was 120 per month, from teaching yoga part time at a nearby gym. Barely enough for a month’s groceries. My parents were helping me with my living expenses, something I was extremely ashamed of, besides feeling depressed, unloved, unsupported and at a loss. It took my whole life as I knew it; my finances, career, marriage, confidence, falling apart for me to finally find the TIME (something I always felt I never had enough of) to face my choices: continue on this path or find an easier way. This was my rock bottom. This was not the life I imagined for myself. There had to be an easier way to live. I see it all around me – people thriving, flourishing. There is abundance everywhere, why does it feel like such hard work to create it in my own life?

I spent the next 2 years of my life in pursuit of answers. I made is my mission to find the recipe to making life easier, to create the exact life that I dreamed of and somehow lost my road towards creating. I read every book, watched ever video of all the greatest thought leaders and self help gurus. All this while trying to relaunch my business and create a business model that would support my lifestyle desires this time around, not drain me of them: more time, more profit, more creativity, more aligned clients. I was not building a business this time, I was creating a lifestyle. I wanted more support, more love in my life, I wanted quality relationships and I wanted to experience balanced growth in all areas, not just my career and finances.

It wasn’t until I took the leap and invested in myself that I started to see the pieces come together. I worked directly with multiple coaches and therapists to focus on ‘fixing’ one area of my life at a time: business, finances, healing from past pain and trauma, mindset and learning how to really use the Law Of Attraction. It took me in total 3 years and counting  to completely makeover my life and myself, to create a blueprint of what an Aligned Life looks like. The up levelling doesn’t stop there, it gets easier and easier, and better and better at every level. Today I have sold my fashion brands, met and married the most wonderful man and have a lifestyle I’d only ever dreamed of, while I get to support and help other women heal and realign their lives too. It’s my purpose now to help millions of people around the world learn the tools and techniques to live in alignment with their desires. To make life easy and become a magnet for abundance.

“It took my whole life falling apart, for me to finally choose to rebuild it the way that I wanted it to look. Now I’m passionate about helping others do the same quickly so that they can get back to living a life of ease and joy.”

Alignment Coaching

Are you ready for MORE? Are you committed to leveling up all areas of your life and start living with ease?

It’s my job to help you succeed in every possible way. To heal and release your blocks holding you back from expansion. To open your mind and heart, and tap into your limitless potential, so that you can be excited about your life every single day

If you have the Desire for more, you have the ability to achieve more. Your dreams and wishes are your soul’s way of communicating to you what is possible for you. It’s all available to you, when you have the right guidance.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too until I started to live the truth.
Work with me, no matter where you are in the world.


Speaking is about more than communicating – it’s about opening up a dialogue. About creating a space within a person to learn, acknowledge, question, expand. It’s about moving a person into action through the tool of communication.

As a transformational speaker, I am the vessel for the powerful message of Love and Alignment, and it has become a passion to share that message to a willing and open audience, whatever the size. From small intimate gatherings, to large corporate events, the audience is made up of individuals. The importance of reaching that willing individual, to create a positive shift in that one life, is more meaningful than no shift in a group of millions.

I work with brands to create meaningful experiences and offer authentic wellness principles, tools and techniques.

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