You were born to thrive. Reprogram your mind to support your growth.

What is the Art of Aligned Living?


Healing from past pain and trauma sets you free from the habits, beliefs and fears that keep you stuck. Reprogramming your subconscious is essential to levelling up your life, your business, your career, your relationships, and your life experiences. Years of building and validating limiting beliefs have led you to where you are now. If your current reality (love, career, finances, home, emotions) does not reflect the dreams and desires you had for your life, it could be because your current mindset does not support that up-levelled reality. Like attracts like, so the work that needs to be done is internal before the external world can reflect your Desires.


Law of attraction is a big part of my teachings and personal practice. By consciously healing and raising your emotional frequency, you effortless attract that which you Desire. I teach you how to apply the toolset and the feel-set to make your manifesting journey easy and fun.


As a serial entrepreneur, I spent years disconnected from my Higher Self. My business grew quickly, but also quickly overwhelmed me and I suffered constant anxiety and eventual burnout as my personal and professional life fell apart simultaneously. Your Higher Self is always communicating with you and bringing things to the surface that need to be released or rewritten in order for you to transcend. When you are disconnected from your Self, you could be missing important guidance that is there to help you expand find your purpose. This is a truly liberating practice that will set you free and strengthen your faith in yourself and your intuition so that you are open to receiving universal guidance. Reconnecting with your Higher Self means you can stop looking for answers externally because you are tuned in to your own internal compass and wisdom of what is right for you.


My life’s purpose has become about learning how to consciously love and teach others to connect to love in all things. Connecting to love and consciously giving and receiving love is something we are never taught, but learn through watching and experiencing love ourselves. What if we are missing the basic fundamentals of the laws of love? Love as a Universal Law is pure and powerful, it is healing and nurturing, it is all encompassing. It drives us forward and propels us into growth. It is something so abundant in nature, yet we as a human race lack the capacity to fully understand and experience it. The title of my first book is ‘Learning to love again’. Sign up to my mailing list if you’d like to be notified of the release date.


Your growth and alignment creates a ripple effect of growth and alignment across the globe. When you invest in yourself through working with me, you are also investing and  creating meaningful change in the world.

A percentage of all profits from services and products is donated straight to Rhea Foundation. A foundation that has created unparalleled change for communities in Tanzania by supplying medicine, building schools, feeding children, building an infrastructure for clean water and solar energy. Rhea Foundation is a completely transparent and dedicated NGO, unlike any other I’ve ever encountered. I know the founder personally and believe in his mission, as he reflects love and truth through his actions and vision.


Hello Darling

I help YOU HEAL AND REPROGRAM YOUR MIND TO THRIVE, so you can tap into your limitless potential in everything you do.

I believe that you can have it all: high quality experiences, a thriving business, a loving relationship and financial abundance while doing what you love, pursuing your highest passion and purpose. I live this truth, since making the choice to transform my own life and mindset to live in alignment with my limitless potential. I support individuals who are ready for more! Those who are ready to level up in one or more areas of their life. It has become my life’s mission to help people level up quickly with ease and grace, so they can tap into their limitless potential and create the life they were meant to live: feeling happy and fulfilled, experiencing growth in all areas of life and connecting on a deeper level to them Selves, to others and the Universe.

What Clients Are Saying

“ What started as what I thought was going to be business coaching became life transformation coaching that has forever changed the way I look at myself, business, and life in general. Anastasia explains it so well when she says all parts of your life are all connected and you can’t sustain just one aspect and have lack in all others. Anastasia has helped me connect with my higher self, my divine femininity, and slowly but surely remove a lot of the guilt and shame I had around a natural part of myself. 

Thank you Anastasia for guiding me and bringing me back to my true self and inner knowing! For anyone who might be feeling how I was feeling before, I could not recommend this investment for yourself more.

Now I feel so connected to myself that I simply can’t imagine living the way I used to live! The benefits of working with Anastasia spills to all aspects of my life, not just in business. “

Maggie Wu
Independent Designer
Hong Kong

“Dear Anastasia, you are doing an amazing thing for the women entrepreneur community! You advised to me and inspired me several times in my difficult stages of being businesswoman. You always found the correct words and correct motivations to help me move forward. As you are signing your letters at the end, you are Light and Love for me and I am sure many other women!”

Tatiana has a thriving jewellery store that is on its way to becoming self sustaining with full time employees. Realigning her business and personal life balance allowed Tatiana to build her own brand and pursue her dream to be an over-40s Russian blogger and create a second steam of income, while she gets to travel, experience an active lifestyle and spend time with her teenage daughters while enjoying her new freedom.

Tatiana Metaxa 
Small business owner / Influencer
Nicosia, Cyprus

I began working with Anastasia at a time when I was very happy with my current working situation, didn’t have a clear vision of my business and afraid to focus entirely on my dream job.

As a follower of her brand the last 4 years, Anastasia with her holistic business approach was the right fit for me. She helped me get a clear vision of my brand, connect firstly with myself and then with my dream clients and provided a massive amount of useful online business tools and strategies to get my brand visible to the world…

For me Anastasia is not only a business coach but also a friend.”

Maria quit her day job to pursue her passion to launch her own jewellery line. In less than a year, Maria replaced her salary, has more than one stream of income and has doubled and even trebled her monthly income. She spends more time at home with her boys and has clients ordering bespoke high ticket jewellery designs from her. 

Maria Neocleous 
Jewellery Designer
Nicosia, Cyprus

“In our work together, Anastasia helped me clarify my business and life goals, and align the two to set targets of actions to enable my personal and business growth. She gave me valuable guidance through my journey and helped me to accomplish my set goals and reach new heights. The skills I’ve gained from coaching has left a positive impact on my life and I feel very fortunate to have worked with Anastasia.”

Monisha Robinson 
Mens Neckwear Designer
London, UK

“I attended the Soulful Business Blueprint Intensive Workshop with Anastasia and all I can say is Thank You! I’ve completed the workbook next day (why wait) and have done so much since then already. Anastasia definitely inspired me a lot, I feel like it will last the whole year.”

Alina Berezovskaya 
Limassol, Cyprus

When I first came to Anastasia, there was a disconnect in my relationship with my husband. We didn’t spend time together because we were both exhausted from work and taking care of the family. My biggest win in working with Ana is learning to give first and then to receive…. Now we spend quality time together and we are more connected than ever. It was a turning point in our relationship. Ana is very experienced and sure about what she’s doing. It worked for my relationship and I know she can do the magic for others as well.

Yin C
Relationship Coach 

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What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?

RTT is a hybrid hypnotherapy modality that facilitates healing, setting you free from addictions, behaviours and thought patterns.

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